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Moresounds - The Outer Spaces
12" Vinyl
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The Outer Spaces

Original Cultures

Released: 30th October 2015 | 8 track downtempo ep

Space, the final frontier. We're not quite there yet, but in the meantime you can imagine what travelling through the galaxy might be like with The Outer Spaces EP, a collection of downtempo and hip-hop beats from Paris-based Moresounds.

A master of dub and scholar of jungle, Moresounds has gained acclaim for his unique approach in the past few years with releases on Om Unit's Cosmic Bridge label, Fracture's Astrophonica and Doc Scott's 31 Records alongside remixes for Machinedrum's Vapor City project.

The Outer Spaces collects six productions from Moresounds' personal archive, focusing on his love of hip-hop and instrumental beats. Think of this EP as a compliment to his dancefloor productions, what you'd put on coming back from the dance to unwind, perhaps with a nice glass of whiskey and a smoke. The mastery of space that characterises his work is present, the bass round and full, the drums clear and the sampling just on point.

Rounding off the EP are two remixes from Italy's Clap! Clap! and London's Fracture, who reimagine the originals in equally adventurous ways.

The artwork is, has always, handled by Bologna's Paper Resistance and screen printed in town. The vinyl is limited to 200 copies.

Space is also the place as Sun Ra reminded us. So come, make yourself at home and travel with us.