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Lewis James - Krakatoa

Lewis James


Original Cultures

Released: 13th May 2013 | 8 track dubstep ep

Across its five club friendly tracks, Krakatoa explores various rhythmic and melodic potentials that have recently been popular in strands of dance music and which were once hinted at by the scratch beats popular in the turntablist scene of the early 00s.

This is music to dance to, get loose to and perhaps most importantly not take yourself too seriously to.

Guests on the EP include Chicago scratch legend Toadstyle, who delivers cuts on Million Dollar Lady (also available as an instrumental), Lorn cohort Dolor, whose vocals turn Powerchild into futuristic powerpop and two remixes from Astrophonica's Dawn Day Night, who remolds Million Dollar Lady into a lean, eyes-down dubstep dungeon roller, and Cosmic Bridge's EAN (ex-Various Production) who flips Powerchild into a 'will it, won't it' hypnosis.

Born in Ireland and currently living in Amsterdam with past stints in London and Montreal, Lewis James has been making music for a long time, influenced most notably by his love of early experimental hip hop from the likes of edIT and Prefuse 73 and his experiences in the scratch scene during the 00s. He's featured on a Foreign Beggars mixtape, produced for Grandeurs of Delusion and released his first official EP on Tokyo's Raid System in 2012, titled Heavy Romance. He will release a second EP on Original Cultures later in 2013.

"I played this on a private jet once and it was so heavy we had to make an emergency landing."
LV, Hyperdub / Keysound
"Fuck yes"
Kidkanevil, First Word / Project Mooncircle
"Vesuvius is such a big tune! Loving the whole EP."
Chrissy Murderbot, Loose Squares / Planet Mu
Akkachar, Rwina