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Sleepin Giant - Purple Remixed

Sleepin Giant

Purple Remixed

Original Cultures

Released: 8th September 2014 | 4 track contemporary r&b ep

Purple was Sleepin Giant's first official release, five tracks of modern soul inspired by the greats and featuring the vocal talents of New York poet Aja Monet, Amsterdam singer Ruben Hein and Bristol crooner Romaine Smith.

Purple Remixed takes four of the original tracks into wider sonic territories, re-imagining the soul that anchors the music through different filters thanks to Typesun (Rooted Elevation/Guido live band), EAN (Cosmic Bridge, Ex-Various Production), Lewis James (Original Cultures) and Japan's Sauce81 (Cosmopolyphonic).

Typesun is a frequent collaborator with Romaine Smith, the main vocalist on the original EP, and had writing credits on two of the original tracks, Six and Honey. Here he flips Six into a dancefloor killer driven by infectious percussion and a bass fetish. EAN takes Ruben Hein's love inflicted vocals for a spin over a broken headnod
beat that twists into a dystopian nigthmare. Lewis James reimagines Aja Monet's brutally honest poem with his unique touch, turning the sparse original into a slow-building epic. And lastly Sauce81 refixes the single, Hey Girl, into a slo-house jam that's perfect for getting everyone in the mood.

Purple has been two years in the making, a journey that began with the track Glitch written with NYC-based poet Aja Monet. It was on the strength of this demo that Original Cultures convinced Sleepin Giant to put together a whole EP of his own soul music. Another two vocalists were added to the mix: Bristol's Romaine Smith, a young singer full of promise who has worked primarily with Typesun, and Amsterdam's Ruben Hein, signed to Blue Note andone of Holland's most striking voices.