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Fawda Trio - Road to Essaouira
Vinyl LP

Fawda Trio

Road to Essaouira

Original Cultures

Released: 30th September 2016 | 9 track fusion album

The Road To Essaouira is the debut album from Bologna-based Fawda Trio featuring production by London duo SwamiMillion aka LV. The album is the result of three-year journey from Bologna to Essaouira, Morocco, via London and captures the spirit of Gnawa music through the lens of African-American traditions.

Recorded over a ten-day period in Essaouira in 2014, The Road To Essaouira fuses Gnawa with jazz, hip-hop, electronic, and modern classical ideas for a unique take on this traditional Moroccan music, rich in history and potential. Composed using keyboards, percussion, gembri, voices and samplers the album features original tracks by Fawda Trio, two reinterpretations by SwamiMillion, and covers of traditional Gnawa and Moroccan works. In addition the album features both local Essaouira and Bologna musicians, including the acclaimed Gnawa master Maalem Soudani.

The Road To Essaouira was produced and mixed by SwamiMillion (aka LV) and mastered by Ian Carter (Various Production, Stick In The Wheel, Cosmic Bridge).

It's a journey unlike any into the wonderful world of Gnawa music and its timeless potentials.

"Very cool project. Sounds like classic moroccan music but always adding that little extra. Big ups"
Lefto, Brownswood
"I love the Fawda Trio album!"
Frosty, dublab
"Beautiful work."
Chief Boima, Strut, INTLBLK