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The Blassics - Becoming Waves

The Blassics

Becoming Waves

Odd Funk Records

Released: 26th May 2017 | 9 track afrobeat album

Instrumental afrofunk septet The Blassics are walking out of their handicraft analogue studio
in Hämeenlinna, Finland with another soulful piece of wax. Their 3 rd LP Becoming Waves
celebrates the togetherness between all living things carrying very naturally both deeply
reflective vibes and crispy drum driven breakdance-funk. Their bad-ass horn section is
blowing vibrant afro inspired licks and expressive solos as the rhythm dudes keep it tight as
ever with vintage drums, percussions, smooth bass and atmospheric wah-wah guitars.

Known for their meditatively rhythmical live performances, the group recorded Becoming
Waves all live in their Odd Funk studio. That's where there are no clocks on the walls and all
time disappears. Thus, the group members were able to expose themselves into the creative
moment in making this remarkable recording. Finally, the left-field studio production
techniques gave this recording that tasty Ghetto Hi-fi feeling that is signature for all Odd Funk
Records' 100% analog productions.