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Scorn - Yozza
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Ohm Resistance

Released: 1st January 2013 | 4 track hardcore ep

Scorn has hit a new high since last year's groundbreaking album Refuse; Start Fires. After 4 years of rolling out beats and darkness at an even lower tempo, Yossa highlights just how well Mick Harris (ex-Napalm Death, Painkiller, Lull, Quoit) has been able to adapt and persevere. Once again collaborating with live drummer Ian Yan Treacy, this 4 song EP is inspired by the bleakness and desperation of the The Boys From the Blackstuff shorts of the 1980s and the title character Yosser

Treacy blasts and smashes thru Piper in full highlight mode, as Harris dubs and drops major bass. The rest of the album is Harris' electronic shooting range, taking aim and layering on the bleakest of the bleak --no hope and no help coming during the dark era of the films inspiring this EP.