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The Blood Of Heroes - The Waking Nightmare
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The Blood Of Heroes

The Waking Nightmare

Ohm Resistance

Released: 28th January 2013 | 11 track hardcore album

Ohm Resistance musical super power BLOOD OF HEROES returns with their second full length album The Waking Nightmare. The narrative landscape of the album is the road map to apocalypse; a sonic and lyrical exploration of the times leading to the end times, crossing the divide to total collapse. Powered by a very out of the box Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu) performance; the powerful beat, bass and reese of Submerged; vocal modulations of Dr. Israel; and glass shard electronics of Enduser, the album delivers a powerful meditation on loss and redemption during the end days of human civilization.

New elements this album center around the production style and playing of legendary bassist Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu, They Might Be Giants), pummeling performances from Hungarian powerhouse Balázs Pándi (Merzbow, Venetian Snares), and the unique and disparate guitar styles of both returning Blood alum M. Gregor Filip and Studio G's Joel Hamilton.

Dr. Israel is once again your guide to the album – from the mech-ed out menace of Piration and Death Wish to profound musings on The Last Forest and Bronze and Brass, Doc's voice is the lynchpin on which the album rests; he gets help on War from Justin K. Broadrick himself, and for Hecatomb the lead vocals are from none other than Tompa (At The Gates, Disfear).

The album brandishes bastardized elements of punk, drum n bass, dubstep, breakcore, and industrial, all while holding cohesiveness steady in a more defined band format. Accordeon, Dombura, and Modular Synthesizer add to the sound palette, while samples from obscure musics from around the globe reinforce the theme – it's all going to end; suddenly and horribly. But the music bridges the gap between this end and the new beginning that doubtless occurs; the redemption, the cycle of human creation and destruction to forevermore continue.