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Bojanek & Michalowski - As Far As It Seems
CD Album
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Bojanek & Michalowski

As Far As It Seems

Ohm Resistance

Released: 28th January 2013 | 7 track ambient album

Grzegorz Bojanek & Piotr Michalowski are two Polish experimental soundscape creators. Their work together started as an improvised concert project in Zacheta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw during WEF.LIVE.LAB in 2010. Since, they have performed in several European countries and played during the Shanghai Electronic Music Week in 2011 and ChoP Festival 2012 (Shenzhen / Hong Kong). Both artists were content with their performance results and decided to record their first full length album for Ohm Resistance.

As Far As It Seems contains a mixture of traditional Chinese instruments, guitars, DIY instruments of all kinds and field recordings taken in unusual places. These arrangements create deep organic ambient soundscapes which remain in the mind of the listener for a long time. With every song, once pulled into its atmosphere, it is truly impossible to exit.