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Iku Sakan

Life Signs in Staccatissimo

Open Hand Real Flames

Released: 10th August 2018 | 1 track ambient album

Iku Sakan, originally from Osaka but now resident in Berlin, bridges both the Japanese and Western European experimental undergrounds. He has collaborated with Muneomi Senju of The Boredoms, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Sun Araw and Damo Suzuki. Last year he released the stunning LP Prism In Us All for Japan Blues, which was played by Fourtet in his Essential Mix.

Life Signs In Staccatissimo is a single, 51 minute long track, showcasing Iku at his deepest and most hypnotic. I specifically requested Iku to record a long piece for the label, as I loved his music but wanted to know what would happen if there was a piece long enough to get totally immersed in. For me it occupies the same deep joyous zones as tracks by Eliane Radigue, Gas or William Basinski. A deep dive into something magical and otherwordly, there is nothing quite like it.

"“part kalimba, part gamelan, part E2-E4 - and at the same time, none of them. A hypnotic, musical mantra, centring the spirit, and resonating with the harmonics of the spheres”"