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Jim O'Rourke - OLD NEWS #8
Vinyl LP
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Jim O'Rourke


Editions Mego

Released: 1st October 2012 | 4 track experimental album

Side One
Mere Pt.1

Side Two
Mere Pt.2

Side Three
Mere Pt.3

Side Four

Mere Pts 1-3
Recorded 91-92
Originally released as part of Disengage by Staalplaat. Special thanks to Geert-Jan Hobijn and Frans de Waard for their years of support.
Trombone: Jeff Cortazzo
Cello: Sue Wolf
Shortwave: Michael Prime
Voice: Geoff Fontaine, Gretchen Wells, Matt Guerierri, Scott Shell
Recorded live at Depaul University 1991
Percussion: Carrie Biolo
Remastered 2012 Steamroom Tokyo
This one is for Billy F

Available only in this format.