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Lotide - The Way You EP


The Way You EP


Released: 29th July 2013 | 4 track beats & breaks ep

Hot on the heels of his debut cassette Moonless (courtesy of the impeccable Astro:Dynamics), Brooklyn-based Lotide has journeyed into compositions past and emerged with The Way You EP, four tracks originally produced in the summer of 2010. After three years and a succession of passings from one label to another, the material is finally being made available by self-release in digital stores worldwide. With The Way You EP, Lotide provides a retrospective glimpse into the distict blend of eerie, filmic psychedelia and dusty textures that have become characteristic of his most recent work.

"Brooklyn lo-fi experimentalist and Astro Nautico chum Lotide (a.k.a. Devon Hansen) has been creeping in the corners of the Northeast's beat scene, quietly perfecting a cross of ambient sounds and skeletal half-time beats."
Brad Stabler, XLR8R
"Expect layering effects, samples from forgotten sci-fi films, moments of ambience, beats that come and go as they please, [and] sounds buried so low in the mix they sound like distant murmurs."
Selim Bulut, Dummy
"As a beat musician he's not making club shaking, popped a molly, now I'm sweatin' tracks; and as an experimental musician he's not making those stark, arresting, overtly conceptual drone pieces either. He's somewhere in the middle of both circles, pulling the things he likes from each of those disparate scenes and using them to inspire his own music, like a bastardised Venn diagram."
Oli Marlow, The Quietus