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The New Mastersounds - Breaks from the Border

The New Mastersounds

Breaks from the Border

One Note Records

Released: 21st October 2016 | 11 track funk album

Breaks From The Border is the band's seventh studio album, and was the first to be recorded in USA. Breaks marks a new era in the band's sonic landscape by topping their unique sycopated grooves with group vocals arranged by their friend and long-time Eddie Roberts collaborator, Leeds-born vocalist Rhianna Kenny. After a major US festival tour, instead of flying home to England they diverted to El Paso, Texas, from where they made the short journey to the outskirts of the border town of Tornillo. Sonic Ranch is a residential studio in the middle of a huge pecan orchard: this was the setting for Breaks From The Border.

"The New Mastersounds are a revelation"
Relix Magazine
"The crowd responded to the band's stretched-out, hard-driving jams by turning itself into a sweating, gyrating mess for the duration...this show was a working definition of ferocious, in-the-pocket playing."
Boston Herald
"There is a good reason why these guys are the daddies of the UK scene and it is all in this album. Soul, Afro-Funk, New Orleans Funk, and one blinding piece of Soul-Jazz...they're simply a non-stop party."
Craig Charles, BBC Radio 6Music