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Nicola Kramer - Best In Me EP

Nicola Kramer

Best In Me EP


Released: 1st December 2006 | 4 track neo-soul ep
After many years of waiting, TrebleO present the release of the highly sought after Domu production by Nicola Kramer Best in Me. A song about the anticipation of meeting someone new, wondering what your future together may bring. The sample string and strong melody see the rhythm section chilling a little, but the shuffle kicks in on the chorus, lifting it from a head nodder to a foot shuffler. Included in this single is THE hottest remix around at the moment by Mr Dego Ranks [4hero] and Kaidi Tatham, publicly known as Dego and Kaidi. Here Kaidi and Dego fuse subtle keys with chunky beats that glide wistfully under Nicola's haunting vocal. The bumpy groove gives it the dancefloor edge whilst its deep musicality gets the hairs standing on their very ends. Trademark sounds from both artists in their own rights, a certified future classic.