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AD Bourke - A TrebleO Beat Tape

AD Bourke

A TrebleO Beat Tape


Released: 7th July 2008 | 11 track electro-funk single
The TrebleO Beat Tape series continues with more cutting edge hip hop beats. Dorian Concept set a high standard with the first Beat Tape release and AD does not disappoint with his own twisted take on modern hip hop production. With so many beat tape style releases around it isn't often that you hear an artist get past their original idea deciding instead to focus on recording a two to three minute loop with little or no variation, the complete opposite of which is demonstrated here. AD makes instrumental songs, twisting up electronic basses and hard edged MPC beats with ever building techno style keys he creates his own vision of how hip hop should sound in 2008. Flight Deck is a classic example of AD's style. Starting off as a glitch filled bass heavy epic he then throws in a barrage of cosmic effects, backwards singing and drum rolls before ending it with a crazy B movie inspired interlude sounding like it has come straight from the MF DOOM archive.