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Pilon - Rabes / S'ta Contente
7" Vinyl


Rabes / S'ta Contente

Ostinato Records

Released: 26th May 2017 | 2 track cape verde single

Paulino Vieira, Bana, and their legendary troupe, Voz de Cabo Verde, made Lisbon the

headquarters spearheading the musical revolution taking place within Cape Verdean

emigre communities across Europe in the 1980s. Musicians from across the diaspora

would eagerly travel to the Portuguese capital to record. But in smaller pockets,

second-generation Krioulu musicians were independently contributing to one of the

most lush periods of cultural innovation by immigrants in Europe. In 1986, a group of

nine teenagers — Antonio Monteiro, Ambrosio Gomes, Emilio Borges, Fefa Cabral, To

Pereira, Pedro Varela, Celeste Monteiro, Clarisse, Germano Shares — formed the

largely unknown, often overlooked, but consistently brilliant band, Pilon. Combining

traditional Funana rhythms and the hybrid ColaZouk style with psychedelic synth work

and rugged guitar ostinatos, Pilon refined their sound for years until releasing these

recordings as part of their debut album, Tradicao, in 1993, with a tight-knit unit of just

five remaining members. The band is still a popular mainstay for parties in the

Cape Verdean circles of Frankfurt, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Rotterdam, and Geneva.