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Collocutor - Archaic Morning


Archaic Morning

On The Corner Records

Released: 24th March 2014 | 1 track world fusion single

The project grew from a desire to simply write the music that wanted to be written, rather than focus on a particular context or audience. As such the compositions draw inspiration from the diverse genres and musicians Tamar has encountered over the course of her career so far, including (but not exclusively!): jazz, afrobeat, Indian classical, Ethiopian roots, polyphonic choral music and minimalism – the link being primarily modal music that has a hypnotic effect (the line or pattern is as important as, if not more important than, the chordal harmony). The Collocutor collaborators were carefully picked for their particular skills and approaches, indeed the two percussionists played a large part in developing their roles so the end result is as much down to the people playing as the compositions they were initially presented with – it would all sound very different with a different group!

"'Afrobeat Redux! Archaic Morning is a totally fresh classic tune subtly played by this mighty ensemble. Collocutor know how to blow you away on their whole new vibe, and you won’t want to come back …"
Max Reinhardt, Late Junction BBC Radio3
"“YES LOVE! OTC pushing the tropical deeeepness in the 14! Loving the remix.. bonkers!”"
Dom Servini, Wah Wah 45s
"Collocutor… mix sounds killer, very Mulatu [Astatke] who's my hero!"
Matthew Halsall, Gondwana
Thristian, Boiler room, NTS
"Sounding good... like it"
Lefto, Brownswood, Blue Note, !K7 Records, Stones Throw and Jazzy Sport affiliate
"Feeling the original !! Cosmic goodness :-)"
Simbad, Worldwide Family
"* beautiful * eastern influenced * deep groove *"
Neal Birnie, SOTU
"The original is absolutely sublime....!!! can't wait to get my hands on the vinyl. Much respect for all musician especially the gifted leader Tamar... When are you playing live?"
kay suzuki, round in motion
"Super interesting project. Loving the unique texture from the pairing of Indian sacred rhythm with afrobeat"
Gene Pendon, Featured video Artist at World Wide Awards 2014