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Fiium Shaarrk - The Great Swimming Pool of Liberation

Fiium Shaarrk

The Great Swimming Pool of Liberation

On The Corner Records

Released: 15th June 2015 | 2 track leftfield/idm single

With 'The Great Swimming Pool Of Liberation', Fiium Shaarrk explore further possibilities offered by their peculiar formation over the two tracks that, underneath their striking idiosyncrasies, reveal a subtle, yet dense, net of similarities. 'Krypton Tunning' and 'The Great Swimming Pool Of Liberation' are two tableaux, two structurally static music constructions, whose linear components constantly combine and fall apart, like a sort of labyrinthine maze, in an endless and never repeating series of configurations. 'Krypton Tunning' develops these themes on a grid of numbers, while 'The Great Swimming Pool Of Liberation' is built on the endless reconfiguations of unquantised waves.

The two works are meticulous, intricately woven pieces of sonic tapestry.

The titles and cover artwork are vaguely and fleetingly reminiscent of science fiction, consolidating 'Krypton Tunning / The Great Swimming Pool Of Liberation' as a sort of concept single.

"Toxicgene, radical, Dark Strata-East intro"
Black Classical, Invader FM
"Comes off like a sinister soundtrack conjured up by Hebden and Morricone in a Dalston dungeon."
Dom Servini, Wah Wah 45s/ Back2BackFM
"Swimming now...quality, left of center!my kinda vibe"
Michael Ruetten, Soulsearching
"A behemoth of electronic and percussive dynamite that sounds downright terrifying"
Adam Reeve, Elusive Little Comments
"You knowit must be good when you think what on earth is going on?? Amazing how the percussion brings all these elements together to form a cohesive piece...cosmic in the highest order! 'Prog Rock Abstract Techno"
Dave Sector, Sector 12/12
"Personification of audio delight"
Nik Weston, Mukatsuku/GUYNAMUKA