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Discrete Machines - Cold Genius

Discrete Machines

Cold Genius

Other Records Ltd

Released: 23rd February 2015 | 3 track ambient single

Cold Genius - Discrete Machines

Inspired by a famous scene in the poet John Drydon's semi-opera of 1684 King Arthur or, the British Worthy Discrete Machines Cold genius takes the original music by Henry Purcell - which modulates across an incredible range of keys during a very short space of time - but here, the score is played very slowly using spectral freezing techniques to elongate each chord so that the temporal domains are distorted to leave only ghosts of the original. Incorporating accidental sound and glacial voices the result is a haunted evocation of the 'Cold Genius' - the spirit of winter.

1. Cold Genius - 7.48

2. Gutta percha - 8.11

3. Room Tone - 8.09