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A Man Called Adam - What Are Words Worth?

A Man Called Adam

What Are Words Worth?

Other Records Ltd

Released: 16th July 2012 | 4 track ambient ep

As Tom Tom Club once asked, what are words worth? This discrete release from A Man Called Adam comprises of 4 tracks and is representative of a new direction in their creative output. Largely instrumental, the ep does contain a single vocal track but reflects an increasing disaffection with conventional lyricism and points to their interest in exploring chance operations and the sound-sense of language.

The opening track 'walker' reconstructs fragments of time and melody to create a fluid, perambulatory wander into Reichean serialism. 'Part of me which links' and 'cosa nova' blend the nostalgia of custom built music boxes into a spacious waltz-time soundscape, while the 'the list' addresses what Jaques Derrida describes as 'the originary violence of language' inherent in the representative associations thrown up when we give a name to something.