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Discrete Machines - Supersnickeltip

Discrete Machines


Other Records Ltd

Released: 15th December 2014 | 12 track laptronica album

Representing a sample of recent work from mixed media artists, Sally Rodgers and Steve Jones, these tracks span productions created in a ramshackle barn in Cornwall using an experimental arrangement of loudspeakers, a set-up that allowed them to move around the space picking up and putting down instruments as they recorded, to a bare, minimalist room in Yorkshire improvising with only mobile hand-held devices. As a reaction to the carefully constructed multi-tracking of convential song production, these pieces are raw, spontaneous and recorded in real-time.

If you know Dr. Sally Rodgers and Steve Jones at all then you'll more likely associate them with the Balearic and chill out scenes that their music, under the aka A Man Called Adam, helped to define over a decade ago.But after over a decade on the international club scene and following the success of songs such as Easter Song and Estelle, Steve and Sally decided took a sideways step in order to explore newworlds of sonic experimentation and study. Having completed an MSc in Sound Design at the University of Edinburgh, these days Steve is studying for a PhD on the potential of mobile music-making technologies at De Montfort University. Sally now has a Doctorate from the University of St Andrews, where her research considered the historical impact of sound and image capture technologies on modern poetics. Yet throughout their studies they've continued to work together and their enduring collaboration includes sound design and gallery enabling sound for The British Museum, Johnson Banks, Clay Interactive and The BME, amongst others.Developing their own experimental practice they've contributed sound works such as 'The Truth We Know' to a special centenary broadcast by The John Cage Trust and an audio/visual work 'Maud' to the Electrifying Literature Organization's International Media Art Exhibition in West Virginia.As mixed media artists, Steve and Sally improvise with sound and image using Max/MSP and Pure Data software, contact and electromagnetic mics, voice, portable devices and speakers, abandonware and digital video.