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A Man Called Adam - Collected Works, Volume One

A Man Called Adam

Collected Works, Volume One

Other Records Ltd

Released: 13th June 2011 | 16 track ambient album

A Man Called Adam's Steve Jones and Sally Rodgers open the vaults and, for this first volume of this 'Collected Works' series, have hand-picked what they consider to be, the very best of their 'chill out' and 'lounge' style recordings. Featuring seminal tracks such as the 'pacific classic' Easter Song and Yachts, this album is the perfect soundtrack for a day at the beach or night under the stars. With their lyrical depth and evocative soundscapes tracks like Estelle and Barefoot in the Head really mean something to millions of music-lovers and have sound-tracked holiday sunsets, births, deaths, courtships and marriages. Defining the sound of the Balearic genre this collection illustrates A Man Called Adam's influence on the pre and post-club scenes of the last twenty years. From beer to breakfast cereal, Yoga TV to Sex In the City, and integral to the sales of a million compilation albums (Cafe del Mar and Hotel Costes to name but two) this music helped to shape the aesthetic landscape of the 1990s and sounds as good today as it did then. Featuring three previously unreleased versions and hard to find mixes of classic tracks, A Man Called Adam - Collected Works Volume One is just a taste of the series to come.