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A Man Called Adam - Collected Works Volume Three

A Man Called Adam

Collected Works Volume Three

Other Records Ltd

Released: 27th June 2011 | 17 track acid jazz album

With twelve of the tracks previously unavailable for download this release is for the fans of A Man Called Adam's early, jazzier, output. For Volume Three of the Collected Works series Sally and Steve have brought together the best of their future jazz and disco cuts on one album. From their early singles on Acid Jazz, 'A.P.B.' and 'Earthly Powers', to the ultra rare first release on their own imprint Other Records, 'I Am is the Way', the album takes the listener on a journey through cosmic disco, brassy riffs, broken beats and groove-heavy funk. There's a previously unreleased dub session, 'Slip Away' with the Idjut Boys, and the double bass-led live version of Duende's 'So You Say' - a track that featured on the soundtrack of TV hit, Sex and the City but has never been released. There are full length versions of classic cuts like 'Techno Powers' and 'Musica de Amor', the atmospheric 'Barrio Blues' and Chris Coco's liquid remix of 'Wouldn't She', a previously unreleased remix of 'C.P.I.' AMCA came across while delving into their archives, plus tracks recorded under their 'Beachlea' alias. In short, if there's a jazzy AMCA track you've always wanted but have found hard to track down chances are it's here.