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IOKOI - Body/Head




Released: 6th May 2016 | 2 track downtempo single

Wondrous, Viscous, Petrous - From viscosity into solid matter. IOKOI's first single on OUS is a codified mantra that aims to reunite a liquefied mind with deeply paralyzed body functions. Joined by an epic Body/Head rework by Artist and Producer Feldermelder.

IOKOI confronts the usual pop music with capricious textures, oblique sounds and a subliminal voice. The continuous development of her etherous, singular sound signature and haunting voice is the core of IOKOI's work. Since 2014, she has teamed up with the video artist ARIA, who underlays the music with hypnotic images and invites the audience to dive into reflective depths.

"Love it. Just the right type of weird."
Ned Beckett, Little Big Agency
"This is stunning work!!!"
Dimitri Veimar, Ultramajic/ 2020 Visions
"Trippy, spacy mytherious stuff. Reminds my of the early 90ies TripHop Stuff from Portishead. Stands in a good tradition."
Stefan Guther, Beat The Night/Funkhaus Europa