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IOKOI - Liquefy
CD Album
Vinyl LP




Released: 23rd September 2016 | 10 track downtempo album

Hydrous, Mellifluous, Sub/Conscious

IOKOI's debut album Liquefy unfolds into the waving territories of #HYPERCYBEREALISM, where physical and virtual spaces interweave. The dancing self modulates trough reflections, creating floating and drifting instances of identity. IOKOI is a blur. She plays with the barriers of reality and unconsciousness, creating a surreal performance in which she negotiates her identity, and enters a dialogue with the audience. She confronts the usual with capricious textures, oblique sounds and a subliminal voice.

Written by IOKOI Co-produced and mixed by Bit-Tuner Final Mix & pre-master by Vaghe Stelle Mastered by Adi Flück @ Centraldubs Cover art by Mathieu Missiaen / Le Creative Sweatshop Graphic Design by Mathias Forbach / Fichtre

"An ambitious collection of tracks that's as challenging as it is pleasing."
Complex UK
"Biologischer Surrealismus mit Keyboard-Drones, subsonisch pluckernden Bässen und feuchten Unschärfen."
ZEIT Online
"One of Glamcult’s dearest discoveries of 2016."
"Liquefy contient dix morceaux, tous démontrant une recherche artistique poussée."