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Hirsch & Eigner - Stalker / Swoop
7" Vinyl

Hirsch & Eigner

Stalker / Swoop


Released: 2nd December 2016 | 2 track downtempo single

Ubiquitous, Devious, Ingenious

When two people meet: Harmonica space time thicket drums compiled through carbophonic blooming. Stalker/Swoop is a collaboration between German DIY-Instruments artist Andreas Oskar Hirsch and Austrian percussion and field recording perfectionist Richard Eigner from Ritornell.

Cologne-based artist Andreas Oskar Hirsch produces visual works, sound, music, and texts. He investigates sound, setups, narratives and performative processes and pushes them to a point where frenzy, humor, sense, and nonsense meet. Andreas has been inventing various musical instruments that he performs with, among others, the Electric Palm Leaf, as well as his latest construction, the Carbophon, a kind of a super-kalimba. Both instruments were used on Stalker/Swoop.

Richard Eigner is an Austrian composer, sound artist, producer and drummer. In his music he crosses the borders of experimental acoustic music, minimalism and electronica with a focus on the symbiotic use of acoustic elements and electronically produced and processed sounds. Strenuous with numerous sonorous projects he is kept busy with his playful musical project Ritornell, the setup of Denoising installations or drumming for the likes of Patrick Wolf, Flying Lotus, Dimlite and Patrick Pulsinger.