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Feldermelder - The Sound Of
Out 12th October 2018
Out 12th October 2018


The Sound Of


Expected: 12th October 2018 | 5 track leftfield/idm ep

Plentous, Oblivious, Venturous

Feldermelder's The Sound Of is a collection of tracks created in hotel rooms around the world. These little anthems tell stories about places filled with a sense of purpose, a particular emptiness, or a feeling of transit. Places that have fallen out of snyc with the rest of the world. The Sound Of is a homage to personal moments worth keeping alive in one's memory.

Feldermelder's influences range from the decomposed structure works of old pioneers of Electronic Music to classical Jazz, electronic and analog music from the now, before and tomorrow. The diversity of the music that inspires him, finds reflection in his own sonic adventures, forming his ever evolving sound, combining as map and compass to guide his artistic outbursts. Feldermelder is co-founder of -OUS records and member of the art collective He has been performing internationally with his recent audiovisual live show Erratic and the AI-driven installation Initiation, among others.

The flexi disc features the track Harmony and was an insert in Zweikommasieben Magazine #14. The screen-printed inlay by Mathias Forbach / Fichtre features an index of sounds and frequencies used in the composition. The flexi disc comes with a download code for four additional tracks.