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Tresque - Lensomni EP
Out 6th October 2017

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Lensomni EP


Expected: 6th October 2017 | 2 track techno ep

Cavernous, Fibrous, Sinuous: Tresque continues to carve his rhythms onto the insides of our skulls. He reignites the long forgotten traditions by seemingly burning through time, his rituals are elastic but advance steady towards a future unknown. Tresque shapes an idea of groove by reducing it to a simpler and shorter form. In circular movements, he carves his music out of samples and amplified noises using dub techniques and influenced by musique contcrète.

Coming from an extended artistic career as improvisation and experimental musician, Geneva's D'Incise returns to his roots under his new moniker Tresque. Inspired by restless dances and the sensation of seemingly endless potential, Tresque adopts an attitude of purism to formulate an own take on the nature of traditions and rituals.