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Furtherset - Drawings of Desire and Hate


Drawings of Desire and Hate


Released: 14th September 2018 | 3 track ambient ep

Voluptuous, Ludicrous, Harmonious

Furtherset picks up the pieces left behind on Drawings of Desire and Hate - both the closing track of his previous release and the title of his newest EP. These three playful and light weighted tracks are a perfect fit for those endless nights and days. Floating just off ground, Furtherset balances the forces of nature to take a snapshot of their mere beauty.

Furtherset is the musical project of Tommaso Pandolfi - class of 1995. His music is an open invitation to immerse oneself into a weightless states of mind. Exhaling growth and inhaling decay, his walls of sound are restlessly built from layered and looped harmonies, shifting modulations and sampled voices. The figures are pushed over the tipping point to where they explode and are then reshaped into melodic cascades.