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Bit-Tuner - Arabian Nights
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Arabian Nights


Released: 7th September 2018 | 6 track beats & breaks album

Flexuous, Synchronous , Capricious

Bit-Tuner's Arabian Nights is based on field recordings, tapes, radio snippets and sounds recorded and produced in Cairo. The gleaming heat of Egypt was processed into a grinding 40-minute live set, contrasting the layered atmospheres with Bit-Tuner's signature staccato beats.

Swirling sounds fall into place as the recording evolves. As blasts of wind carry away the dust, sights of a dense and vibrant metropolis are set free. After his previous works The Japan Syndrome and The China Syndrome, Bit-Tuner's new recording Arabian Nights takes an edgy approach: Bit-Tuner extracts grainy physicalness from his sounds and brews them in his high-energy arrangements. It is this directness, that marks Bit-Tuner's distinctive qualities as a live act. He manages to tell stories through waves of sonic pressure.

A live performance by Bit-Tuner based on field recordings & tapes from Cairo.
Recorded live at Helsinki Klub, Zurich.

All tracks written + performed by Marcel Gschwend
Mastered by Adi Flück @ Central Dubs
Graphic Design by Mathias Forbach /