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Moxo Tengu - Hula Hoops
7" Vinyl
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Moxo Tengu

Hula Hoops

Other Worlds Constellations

Released: 17th July 2006 | 2 track single
Every self-respecting Martian Casanova wants to roll with MOXO and his crew. After all, it's not every day you get to meet a real live laboratory escapee in the flesh. What should have been a routine space walk became a close encounter with the next world when Max Cole's connection cable snapped and he was left drifting through the infinite sea of stars. However, spotted by an enterprising DNA code programmer working at the Institute of Intergalactic Jazz, he was subjected to a programme of radiation to the soundtrack of Drexciya, Glenn Jones and Cedric Im Brooks. The end result was some cosmic p-funk lover type shit, and came to be dubbed MOXO TENGU. It was soon apparent that the Institute couldn't hold him, and Moxo danced his way past the laboratory guards to start the rest of his new life breakin? across the universe.'