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Niamaj - The Vibe
12 x 12" Vinyl
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The Vibe

Plug Records

Released: 7th February 2005 | 7 track album
Hailing outta Brooklyn New York, the birthplace of many well known hip hop groups, comes emcee NIAMAJ. Known for his uplifting rhymes and laid back delivery he comes correct on 'The Vibe' and drops butter smooth flows all over 'Yagotta'. Evoking memories of the Golden Age of hip-hop with jazzy loops and sharp, organic drum chops, its a perfect backdrop for the Brooklyn transplant's laid-back rhyme style. Beat digger Kero One's 'sCheck the Blueprints') production falls in with the old school reminiscing styles of People Under The Stairs, Little Brother, etc.'
"Classic Party Tune for 2005"
Hard Kandy, DJ Magazine