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Westpoint - Face To The Sea
CD Album
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Face To The Sea

Preservation Records

Released: 3rd November 2017 | 9 track aor album

Preservation Records proudly presents Westpoint – Face To The Sea. For the first time this album is available on CD, remastered from the original mastertapes exclusively through Preservation Records. This band made one album in 1983 and it is considered one of the best westcoast albums coming from Norway. It could easily be compared to Lava – Cruisin' in terms of musical quality. The original album was only released on vinyl and is very rare. Westpoint emerged from Volda in Norway and it was produced by the legendary producer, George Keller. Finally Westpoint gets the attention it deserves.

Key selling points:

-High demand among westcoast collectors and fans

Will appeal to all fans of AOR and Westcoast

-First time on CD, remastered from original mastertapes

-Extensive material included