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Powder Blue Tux - Container Zero / Mayfair - Single
CD Album
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Powder Blue Tux

Container Zero / Mayfair - Single

Preservation Records

Released: 3rd November 2017 | 2 track aor single


'Lucky Radio' & 'Whatever I Do' by Samuel Purdey were both hits in Japan.

Barney Hurley (the 50% of Samuel Purdey) has written two fantastic AOR Westcoast songs under the name Powder Blue Tux. These tracks are very much in the same style as from Samuel Purdey and Steely Dan, smooth funky and soulful AOR Grooves.

Feat names like Jay Graydon, Elliott Randall, Peter Erskine, Michael Leonhart & Walt Weiskopf (From The Steely Dan Horns), Bob Power & Elliot Scheiner. This release is very exculsive and limited to only 500.

- limited to 500 units worldwide

-Will sell to both AOR Westcoast and Steely Dan fans

-Fest Jay Graydon, Steely Dan Horns amoungs others.

-Mastered by Scott Hull (Donald Fagen, Stealy Dan among others)