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Gábor Lázár - ILS
CD Album

Gábor Lázár



Released: 17th March 2014 | 11 track techno album
  • Gabor Lazar released a split with Russell Haswell on his own label Last Foundation in 2013
  • Eleven pieces have been composed on one note without transposition focusing on spectral changes and avoiding the traditional temporal measurements using additive synthesis.

    The interface works with tester algorithms based on simple mathematical operations which help in the compositional decision-making and trigger different temporal and spectral musical events run by an unique timeline.

  • Gabor Lazar studied electronic music and media art at University of Pecs - Faculty of Music and Visual Arts and he is co-founder of a label called Last Foundation. His first release has been published in April 2013 in collaboration with Russell Haswell including four short pieces of his works and a full-length composition from Russell Haswell

  • His style is as hectic and unpredictable as it is battered and composed. In the stretching and squashing of the single note for an entire album you'd expect some form of repetitiveness but you get a degree of the opposite. The whole thing's engaging and surprisingly unparanoid. There's a level of comfort in hearing the same note pushed and pulled in different directions. This isn't peak-hour transport music to go to soundtrack your journey to and from work. It's deeply hypnotic, sort of the audio equivalent of a pipe smoking hobby. The more you listen, the more you realise what a masterpiece this is, refined and worked on until an algorithm and one note becomes a brilliant collection of tracks. Unlike most limitation-based projects that are nice and quirky as a novelty, once you accept the first minute of the first track, you're hooked until the end.