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Theo Burt - Gloss
Vinyl LP

Theo Burt



Released: 21st August 2015 | 8 track ambient album

Perhaps best thought of as avant electro-pop or even some sort of Compute/R&Baroque composition, the Casio phase synth-sculpted arrangements of 'Gloss' elicit some of the strangest, most curious sensations, visceral melodies, harmonic convolutions and polymetric timings you'll likely hear this year

"The fact that it was left alone since 2011, only to be released into a 2015 scene full of producers exploring the integers of dissonance and arrhythmic syncopation - think Arca, Lotic, Gábor Lázár, Lorenzo Senni - goes some way to prove Theo's subtle genius; it really is one of our favourite albums released in 2015 and comes hugely recommended to any listeners drawn to genuinely innovative and forward-thinking electronic music"