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Vinyl LP



Plug Seven Records

Released: 20th April 2018 | 8 track jazz-funk album

Recorded at Plug Seven Studios Melbourne, WVR BVBY releases their debut self titled album, in 2018.

The 8 track LP was inspired by mixture of crate digger culture and 70s production techniques and recorded in one take sessions using direct to tape technology.

The unusual name WVR BVBY (pronounced WAR BABY) has a special connection to the leader of the 8 piece ensemble, Carl Lindeberg who plays bass. The story goes that Lindeberg's parents first met and fell in love in the war torn Middle East during the Gulf War. And the result of that union was Lindeberg himself.

With tight precision WVR BVBY creates unique cinematic sounds of roaring horns, synth arpeggiation and a rhythm section that sways from laid-back grooves to complex rhythmic interplay.

For fans of Miguel Atwood Ferguson, Kamasi Washington

Be prepared to be taken on a mesmerising journey.

"Good music usually makes itself feel familiar whilst still exciting, new and fresh. Melbourne's WVR BVBY certainly prove this through these 8 sumptuous pieces of music, cementing their place firmly into the landscape of one of the worlds most innovative music cities today"
Miles Cleret, Soundway Records
"Very talented new Melbourne group that blew my mind when I saw them doing their thing live! Highly recommended!"
Danilo Plessow, Motor City Drum Ensemble
"Yeah! This is nice! looking forward to checking more."
Dj Gilla, First Word Records
"Seems like a brilliant jazz LP turns up in my inbox everyday at the moment.. this is definitely one of those days.."
Dom Servini, Wah Wah 45s / JazzCafe / Ghost Notes / Bussey / Soho Radio / Netil Radio
"Really nice and unique, thanks for sending! Love the weird synths."
Cervo, Banana Hill
"3 tracks in and enjoying very much, looking forward to a proper full listen, thanks"
STUART PATTERSON, mi-soul / Love Vinyl / sedition
"Really liking this. Pretty epic sounding stuff. Favourite track is probably Magnetic Ruins"
Sean Keating, Touching Bass on NTS /Tiff's Joints
"Copped the limited 10"
Harvey Sutherland, Harvey S
"Essential uptempo spiritual jazz funk - just beautiful!"
Crate invader, Point Blank FM London
"love tunes very good!"
Toshio Matsuura, WW TOKYO on Worldwide FM / TOKYO MOON on InterFM897