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Yukihiro Fukutomi - EP2
12" Vinyl
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Yukihiro Fukutomi



Released: 1st January 2006 | 3 track single
Blissed out sax breaks saddle up with tough broken beats to present a sound clash from Tokyo to Philadelphia. Rich Medina drops the deep tones and dictates his slant on the prophecies of equality. The remix comes from the current downbeat rework master Blackbeard who winds down the beats and come back in a true head nodding fashion to present a bumping jazzed out mix. On the B side 'Road to Nowhere' takes a blunted escapade alongiside sax player Hajime Yoshizawa (Sleepwalker) for 8 and a half minutes of spiritual resurrection within a hypnotic levitating groove. Picking up plays from Benji B, Mr Scruff, Rainer Truby, King Britt, Dego, Afronaught and Seiji from the Bugz camp.