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Katsunori Sawa - Secret of Silence
12" Vinyl

Katsunori Sawa

Secret of Silence

Weevil Neighbourhood

Released: 18th December 2015 | 8 track industrial dance album

Following the Peace Obscured EP by BOKEH, his joint venture with Anthone, Katsunori Sawa sets yet another mark on The Weevil Neighbourhood with his first full-length solo artist album on the label. Titled Secret of Silence the eight tracks-spanning work of Kyoto based Sawa drills through Japan Techno, Industrial Breaks and Noise while flirting with Breakcore and a more aggressive take on Dub.

Katsunori Sawa has been with the label for pretty much four years now with solo projects as well as joint ventures (besides the aforementioned BOKEH, he's also part of Steven Porter with his brother in arms Yuji Kondo with whom he also runs their own 10 label). His musical career reaches back another few years when he was writing and producing under EOC (short for Enormous O'Clock), including an album for Ai Records.

The release comes as a limited edition 12 record on black vinyl (180g) with artwork by L.A. based Lee Noble (No Kings Records/ Bathetic).