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PulpFusion - Wrong World


Wrong World

Pig Balls Records

Released: 26th March 2012 | 16 track breaks album
The Swiss mad beat scientist DJ PulpFusion, (aka Thöny Terence), starts out as a guitar player in a few local bands over 20 years ago. But the love for producing and mixing groove ‘n funk rooted music, make him decide to take the turntable path. Looking for a personal style, he writes, plays and produces his own music that finds it’s way to the audience during intensive gigs and concerts all over Switzerland. After 2 Full Albums, 11 own EP's, 1 54 vinyl release, 16 released Remixes, get involved in 4 Compilations, and even as a soundtrack from a snowboard dvd, he returns now with his Full Album number 3! PulpFusion's 3th Album Wrong World is his musically statement of the actually situation on the World. Global warming, war all over, hungry peoples, racism... etc. He use and combine all kind of diffrent styles and creates a new powerful style witch is hard to explain... Funk, Breakbeat, Hard Rock, Dubstep, Techno... Not possible to put this in one genre... Feedbacks: BadboE: Really nice sounds and well produced. Cool titles and concepts on the songs too. Really like the last 2 tracks on the album and also the Wrong World track. Thanks a bunch for letting me take a listen. It gave me some inspiration for my own next album that i have started on. Daytoner: First thing to say is nice one fella and its particularly good when driving around (although i did end up driving a bit too fat as a result ha ha !) Anyway, given what I'd heard from you before I was quite surprised with this LP as you've got a lot harder and more electronic sound on this than what I've heard previously. Sounds like you've drawn influence from the Chemical Brothers, Hybrid and the Prodigy on this LP - would that be fair? Stickybuds: there are a couple cool breaks song that remind me of intense raves, lots of emotion in some of those songs, nice one! Nick Thayer: Nice work on the album. Some very cool tracks on there. And so many too! Telephunken: i like it. sounds dope man! i like the acid sounds and the more rock influence! RamSkank: I have to say it is amazing! Sounds HUGE!!!! Parts remind me of the prodigy too which is always a good thing :) Jazz K Lippa: very interesting music -- your style new style future style good style !!!!!!!!!!! ghetto metal ? heavy funk ??? great !!! please let me take a remix !!!!! BOOOOMMMM !!!