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Ram Skank - Superstylin'

Ram Skank


Pig Balls Records

Released: 11th June 2012 | 8 track breaks album

Ram Skank released a couple of releases on BigM, The 2 Albums he released was in the top 10 on junodownload's breakbeat charts and the ep the quiet boys hit number 1 on junodownload's downtempo single charts knocking erol alkan and boyz noize off top spot!

He had a couple of collabs with: Rory Hoy, Sonic Tramp, Tossez & Varvez and also had LaMeduza singing on one of his bigM singles.

Ram Skank did Remixes so far for: Rory Hoy,Sonic Tramp, Rams le Prince, Mick n Marc, PulpFusion and Tosses and Varvez

He also had guest mixes on radio shows for rory hoys funktion junction ramp fm, dadsdisco show nsb radio, and the doctor hooka show on piraterevival radio.

Ram Skank is a 24 year old from south london who loves collectiong old records and old music hardware which he use to make his own beats, Ram Skank currently have releases out on BigM Productions and now on Pig Balls Records as well. His main aim with his music is to help bring back the Big Beat sound that is loved by so many people, so here's hoping you are one of those people and you enjoy the sounds!