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Captn K - Holding Me
12" Vinyl
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Captn K

Holding Me

Picnic Records

Released: 27th July 2009 | 4 track neo psychedelic ep
Picnic Records are here with their next release.This time a 12 with a sexy female vocal track produced by Captn K called Holding Me it's blues, psych and dub all rolled into one with a hip hop beat to keep it rolling. The remix by label buddy Metiqulas is very cool giving the vocals a soulful treatment. On the b-side Californian Girls gets things groovy with a funk/psych vibe, and then Hold Me Longer a dubbed out 11min instrumental epic. Worth checking out.
"Holding Me is for fans of BACKINI or DAVID JACK, a downtempo groover..METIQULAS gets dubby and soulful (think BREAK REFORM remixed by ATTICA BLUES.."
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