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Captn K - Love Vacation

Captn K

Love Vacation

Picnic Records

Released: 19th April 2010 | 4 track disco single
The latest 4-track EP release from Picnic Records is all about love, sunshine and dancing…the perfect combo. Captn K and friends are back with their own blend of disco that is sure to please. The title track Love Vacation is a disco-boogie sensation with sunny vocals and a smooth bass line that leaves you feeling…well warm. Then Beat Vacation a killer remix by label affiliate Francis Rae steps it up for the dance floor. Track 3 is the haunting Inaku Dreams which is hard to pin down. Think Underworld/Can and you might be getting close – with nice guitar work that builds through the track…very cool. Finally Tumble a laidback track with a bit of an Italo vibe and lyrics that please. This is a different direction for the picnic crew and we like it, worth a listen