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Various Artists - PCRA003
12" Vinyl
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Various Artists


Paradise Club Recordings

Released: 19th August 2013 | 4 track house ep

The 3rd multi-artist/genre EP from Paradise Club Recordings kicks off in a surprising direction with 'Last Days of Rome' by Jabru (Bruh Jackman/Sound of the Cosmos) featuring the poetic vocal talents of Joshua Idehen (Benin City/LV). A melodically spiced, sluggish groove, with an almost neo-dancehall rhythm sets the perfect backdrop for Idehen's masterfully narrated journey into a night out you'll never forget. Administering the perfect antidote in remix form, Bristol's Hodge (Outboxx/Deadplate/Idle Hands) ups the tempo a notch and delivers a hand crafted raw hitter that smacks so hard it should really come with a standard issue neck brace. On the flip Londoner Blacksmif (BlahBlahBlah/Synchronicty) serves up his welcome second contribution to the label in the shape of 'Gavelock'. A gloriously uplifting garage tipped house number that builds through rolling percussion and Blacksmif's almost trademark layers of rich synth and vocal textures, to a wall of sound finale that should have even the coldest of toes tapping. Closing out the wax is 4x4 funk workout 'Solace State' by Juno Sutton & MTD. A jacking slice of 80's tinged house that if this is anything to go by, then the future looks very bright indeed for these two.

"A twisted classic"
"one would be hard pressed to find any missteps anywhere on the EP, which bodes well not only for this young label, but for the interesting circle of rising artists that surrounds it"