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Marsha Gee - Peanut Duck / Chimpanzee
7" Vinyl
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Marsha Gee

Peanut Duck / Chimpanzee

Penniman Records

Released: 25th July 2011 | 2 track classic r&b single
Little is known about this number, save for the fact that it was waxed at Philadelphia's Virtue studio at some point in the mid-sixties. There are several opinions concerning the identity of the singer hiding behind the Marsha Gee artistic name (a celebrity?, was she drunk or simply knackered?). Another mystery: how comes that such a powerful number was not originally released? Preserved through an acetate –discovered in the late 70's- it was later included in a few compilations, some of them good, some of them quite horrendous... In any case, here you have the first legit and, hopefully, definitive release of the duck song. Call it soul, R&B or simply dance music... In a perfect world, such a dance would be taught in schools.

You've never listened to anything like Marsha Gee. No hard sell for this girl. She makes a few stabs at pushing out a raunchy soul growl, but mostly she's content to hang back, too cool or too bored, ending each line in a husk of breathy exhaustion that sounds like someone who's got a good buzz on and isn't about to disturb it. You want a rave-up? Go make it your damn self—that is, until the last 45 seconds of the song. Vamping to pad the number out to an acceptable length for a single, Marsha takes off, snorting and yelling and jabbering: Quack, quack, quackgiggy, quackgiggy, brrrrrrrrr, quack, quack, giggy, giggy, gi-gi-gi-giggy-gooma, gi-gi-gi-gi-gi quackgiggy, quackgiggy, gi-gig-goom, gi-gig-goom, gi-gig-goom-goom and all of a sudden we're in place where the rock 'n' roll faithful understand that more of the secrets and the mysteries of the universe are contained in nonsense syllables like bop bop suki do wah dah (from the Velvelettes' He Was Really Sayin' Somethin' ) than in third-rate high-school poetry like I Am a Rock or Both Sides Now. Whoever Marsha is or was, she fulfilled her earthly destiny on Peanut Duck.