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Dauwd - Could It Be / Shimmer


Could It Be / Shimmer

Pictures Music

Released: 17th May 2011 | 2 track tech-house single

Dauwd creates music with a complexity most contemporary producers shy away from. Found sounds are thickly laden over multi-timbred synths, vocal and instrumental stabs punctuate organic and evolving passages guided always by driving percussion and immaculate bass production. The method, make a noise, make it my noise,then give it some rhythm certainly seems to work for Dauwd.

Growing up in Wales, Dauwd played piano, guitar and drums whilst experimenting with electronic productionmaking housey techno, and drum and bass kinda vibes, sampling bits of my favourite tracks, or anything random. His productions are full and intricate with a wealth of sounds building warm atmospheres that are unusual within dance music.

I have collected quite a large archive of sound, from sampling, recording and rummaging through the net. Mostly the samples I use are fairly random, I will audition all kinds of things; if it sounds right it stays, otherwise it goes.