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Seams - Focus Energy / Motive Order
12" Vinyl
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Focus Energy / Motive Order

Pictures Music

Released: 11th July 2011 | 2 track techno ep

The Focus Energy/ Motive Order twelve inch takes Seams's lush electronica in a new direction. Having captured the essence of the Berlin summertime with the 'Tourist' EP, Seams returns with and altogether more dancefloor orientated release. Driven by a desire to make audiences at his live shows dance, a much more propulsive sound manifests itself across the two tracks, both built from the same ingredients but taking them in two very different directions. Focus Energy's minimal percussion and vocal stabs pushes Seams's sound further towards the techno production hinted at in 'Hung Markets', whereas Motive Order rearranges Focus Energy's parts into a much more dense wall of sound, filled with arpeggios and noise, evoking the sound of the Border Community fold.

"A heavily condensed piano sample and thin, repetitive beat drive this near-perfect, lo-fi dance track."
The Independent, The Independent
"I love focus energy, exactly what I’ve been hunting for. Listening happily on repeat, can’t wait to play it out."
James Holden, DJ