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Rudi Zygadlo - Achtung!
12" Vinyl
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Rudi Zygadlo


Pictures Music

Released: 19th September 2011 | 4 track leftfield/idm ep
Planet Mu's Rudi Zygadlo joins Pictures Music for a one off release in the build up to his second album: four tracks divided accross two sides of a twelve inch vinyl showing the different facets of the artist's composition. Whilst Side A demonstrates Zygadlo's quieter sensibilities, replete with live instrumentation, side B is an altogether more beat driven affair. There is a distinct pop character running through all four tracks, though all the while Zygadlo fights it with unexpected twists and turns, general musical filigree and good humour, which lends itself to the narrative based musicality of the compositions. Achtung! is a pastiche dig at electro, with self-remonstrative lyrics exploring youth and materialism. The song culminates with pleasing, heavy organ chords stretched over a straight four beat (influences equally attributable to Justice or Chromeo). The Deaf School is possibly the most in keeping track with his previous work. It opens with an incredible wash of pulsating and darkly brooding synths which explosively modulate into the opening verse, where Zygadlo displays a matured lyrical coherency in describing a composer's neuroses concerning personal relationships and the loss of hearing. Dance-friendly stuff. Though, perhaps the highlight is the opener, Catherine; a lost beloved, a futile war and a motherless son. It is sung with an introspective sincerity, backed by decorative guitar and a fitting, nostalgic trumpet line.
"really really good stuff from Rudi Zygadlo, reminds me in a way of the first Hot Chip album, Coming On Strong, there's a similar sort of vocal style there that really had my brain thinking back to that"
Jon Hilcock, BBC 6 Music