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Bobby Champs - Drag Queen

Bobby Champs

Drag Queen

Pictures Music

Released: 20th August 2012 | 4 track tech-house ep

Bobby Champs stormed in the scene with his debut Moonlight earlier this year, universally praised by publications like RA (4/5), Mixmagand DJ Mag. Follow up EP Drag Queen shows a development; a more mature but still raw sound explores Berlin's midnight and London's 3AM. Title track Drag Queen is quite unlike anything else, a weird track, an enigma, a four four kick provides some sanctity to the listener whilst scratching synth work and unusual textures bemuse and delight in equal measure. Latte brings us back to more familiar club territory, filtering works effortlessly behind the kicks, the synths reference piano house. Charlie is a menacing beast with swagger, beautifully produced arrays of clicks massage the cerebellum whilst the pounding drums kick you in the chest. MINT400 is again, unrelenting. Its textures ping delicately from the speakers to surround you.

"It’s time to register where your nearest fire extinguisher is, because this shit is blazing."
Boiler Room
"If you like your four-to-the-floor to be big, banging and ever so slightly mean, then Champs is the man for you."
"With the likes of Mosca spinning his tracks before he was signed and a new EP already being finished up, with a “few bangers” to follow that, expect Bobby Champs to go the distance."
DJ Mag