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Dauwd - Heat Division
12" Vinyl
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Heat Division

Pictures Music

Released: 11th March 2013 | 4 track tech-house ep

Ghostly International and Pictures Music join forces to release Dauwd's 'Heat Division'. Sharing an eye for aesthetics and an ear for beautifully poised and spacial production the two labels are proud to announce this exciting new venture. Moving away from the UK sound with which Dauwd made his name, 'Heat Division' is born from a wealth of house and techno influences. Stepping back from releases for some time, Dauwd has refined his productions to create something unique. Retaining the signature sound that drew us to previous singles 'Could It Be' and 'What's There', time spent in his South London studio has refined a new palate. With 'Heat Division', Dauwd creates something uniquely poised between the mechanical automations found in contemporary techno, and the warm and texturally organic compositions we have come to expect from this producer.

"Love it!"
Arkist, Applepips
"Really great release"
Subban, Crosstown
"Loving this. Heat division is next level, really clever"
Auntie Flo, Huntleys & Palmers
"We've waited a while but this was most definately worth it. Hats off to dauwd"
Bradley Zero, Boiler Room
"Will show some love for this on the radio this week"
Sinden, Grizzly
"“And” is the first from Dauwd we’ve heard in quite some time, and it slithers and boils"
The Fader
"Can't wait to play this at the dance tonight."