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Olugbenga - Hafiza (INNOCENCE)



Pictures Music

Released: 22nd April 2013 | 1 track house single

Hafiza [INNOCENCE]is OLUGBENGA's debut release. Having built a following DJing at festivals and clubs worldwide, crafting remixes and producing mixtapes, OLUGBENGA's music draws on elements from techno, gospel and the claustrophobic soundscapes of post-rock.

Otherwise known as Olugbenga Adelekan, Hafiza [INNOCENCE] sees this artist creating unique and personal music electronic music with commercial sensibilities. What originally seem like vocal samples are in fact OLUGBENGA's own recordings pitched and edited in ways that span forlorn choruses to percussive melodies. Saw-wave synthesisers and huge bottom ends back up these three tracks, which feel equally at home in both the club and headphones.